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the pressure on first generation children of immigrants 

to prove that you are indeed proof that parents’ sacrifice was worth it

is something that many Americans will never understand

as an american, visiting my parents country at this moment, i can say that what they did is something that really blows my mind, both, living in absolute terrible conditions where the government is absolutely corrupt, police force is in the hands of gangs and the only real people that are going to help are not the soldiers and police walking around guarding with M16’s and shotguns in hand, its the civilians around you. im not surprised my dad skipped out on this place as a child, with a war here that lasted over 12 years, guerilla killing innocent people, having to be in and asleep at a certain time or get shot, no money to buy food for the family, im understanding now, what he did for his family, what he did for his future. coming here to this country has opened up my eyes on alot of things i didnt really know about before, ive got it really fucking lucky, and im really grateful to have the life i do, even if i may not have everything, ive got people who love me, family, friends, relatives who care for me like their own, its all there. i just never really looked at it at a different perpective.

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